✗ Hᴀᴘᴘʏ 29. Bɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ, Mᴀɴ & Sʜɪɴ

no problem, it’s my small contribution to the fandom that has given me so much. 

Here’s the video.

- Purplecrimson

OMG, thank you so much!

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Doesn’t matter, just what’s okay with you ‘cause you’re doing all the work (: I’m sure me and my followers would be thankful for everything! (:

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dinostrumf said: I wish u put some photos of twins where they are together on it , and they look happy , I love ur blog btw :)))

Thank you! I can search for some, there really are a few. Sadly, most of them are a bit older. They don’t take pictures with each other that often anymore …

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Anonymous said: Is there any pic of twins together in their home?

Not in their actual home as far as I know. I just know of a few pictures of Manpei cooking and I suspect that it’s their home:


Maybe even this since LOVE-Kun is on the picture? If so, they really do own an amazing flat … I’m not surprised.

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Anonymous said: Anyone can give link of indigo all 60episodes?

A few answers ago, I already gave the links to both subs and episodes! Although you have to register for the subs and download the episodes. I don’t know of any streaming sites for INY, sadly!

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Anonymous said: Do twins live together? And what happened that time when some of them left their flat which they had together and lived alone for 1year (???)...?

I think I’ve already answered ALL of these questions a few asks ago (;

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Anonymous said: Can anyone see the video? I cant :(... I would like if someone can upload on youtube that video where twins are helping to clean house to some woman,its on youko or some site like that but from my country i cant watch it...i can give link if u dont know for the video,its very interesting and its about 20minutes of twins there!!

Now the link should work, anon! (:

And if you like it, you can of course send it! (:

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purplecrimson replied to your post: Hi, Well, here’s the video. It is pri…

Hi, just switched to public

Thank you! (:

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Hi, Well, here’s the video. It is private


I hope someone translate it.

- Purplecrimson

I’m sorry! Just because it is private, no one else except you is able to watch it! ^^’

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