Doppelganger // Chapter 03



Doppelganger // Chapter 03

“Thanks for having me,” I told him without looking him in the face as I stepped inside and peeled off my shoes. The flat seemed to be bigger than I expected and pretty modern. Rather good looking actually, but not very comfortable. And even though I wondered whether Tousan not being there was a standard situation or not, I didn’t ask him.


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Anonymous said: which actor played kaoru in the live action ouran??

It was Manpei (: If you want, I can give you a guide on how to tell them apart, just let me know (: It isn’t that hard!

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Takagi Manpei in Dramatic Actor magazine, vol.04 Spring 2012.

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| FAVOURITE PHOTOS PART 2 ✗ Takagi Manpei ✗ Takagi Shinpei ✗ | 



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Doppelganger // Chapter 02

Doppelganger // Chapter 02

“You’re really cutting yourself off from us lately, you know?” Jutta-Kun tried to break through my recently built barrier – because he’d always been the most mature guy around I knew and he was a social talent or something; he always knew how to talk to people, even in moments I felt the need to shut up and walk backwards out of a room. I think he also preferred talking to his plants rather than shouting at them.


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Part. Manpei

| ✗ T A K A G I   S H I N P E I ✗ Drama-/ Film Appearances ✗ |

—Ouran High School Host Club // Hitachiin Hikaru
—Indigo No Yoru                          // Mosaku
—Toshiue No Hito                        // Ito Tsutomu

Doesn’t anyone of you like to create a Manpei RP blog and roleplay with Shinpei? He feels lonely D: Don’t be shy, doesn’t matter if you’re new :D

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